Testing Information

The State of Illinois offers the tests needed to participate in an alternative certification program.

All alternative certification candidates must pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (Test #300) or the ACT (with writing). The Test of Academic Proficiency includes a reading, writing and mathematics section. Visit www.icts.nesinc.com to register for the test. NTEC offers test preparation to program applicants. Please visit www.teach.us to learn more.

Alternative Certification candidates must also pass the Subject Matter Content Exam. The table below lists the content tests for several certification areas.

Certificate Area

Subject Matter Content Test

Elementary Bilingual

Elementary / Middle Grades (Test #110)

Special Education

Learning Behavior Specialist I (Test #155)

Special Education Content (Test #163)

High School Math

Mathematics (Test #115)

High School Biology

Biology (Test #105)

High School Chemistry

Chemistry (Test #106)

High School Physics

Physics (Test #116)

To register for a Subject Matter Content Test or for a complete list of Subject Matter Content Tests, please visit www.icts.nesinc.com.